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NuukKap Extreme Running Race and maps.wow.gl

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maps.wow.gl are delighted to announce our partnership with the organisers of the annual Nuuk to Kapisillit (NuukKap) Extreme Running Race. The 2021 race will be held from Thursday July 8th to Saturday July 10th. maps.wow.gl have created a high-quality double-sided route map covering all stages of the race, to be given exclusively to participants. Our ….  Read More

Press Release 07/07/2020

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – PR_2020_07a_EN July 7th, 2020 NEW NUUK REGION MAPS FOR HUNTERS, HIKERS AND FISHERMEN Nuuk, Greenland – Using new satellite data wow.gl has created the most accurate maps for navigating the Nuuk region. The six high-resolution, large-scale maps cover Nuup Kangerlua (Godthåbsfjord) and all of Ameralik. They are available in shops / ….  Read More


Nuup Kangerlua 1:40 000 Trekking MapsGreenlandMapNuukNuup KangerluaQooqqutTrekking

NUUP KANGERLUA SERIES 1: 40 000 Trekking Maps The Qooqqut map covers the popular hunting areas on the south side of central Ameralik fjord, some of the more dramatic mountainous areas between Ameralik and Nuup Kangerlua, the south-eastern part of the Big Island, Qeqertasuaq (Storø) and the summer settlement of Qooqqut. Particularly striking climbing destinations ….  Read More