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Nuup Kangerlua 1:40 000 Trekking MapsGreenlandMapNuukNuup KangerluaQooqqutTrekking

NUUP KANGERLUA SERIES 1: 40 000 Trekking Maps The Qooqqut map covers the popular hunting areas on the south side of central Ameralik fjord, some of the more dramatic mountainous areas between Ameralik and Nuup Kangerlua, the south-eastern part of the Big Island, Qeqertasuaq (Storø) and the summer settlement of Qooqqut. Particularly striking climbing destinations ….  Read More


Nuup Kangerlua 1:40 000 Trekking MapsGreenlandMapNuukNuup KangerluaQoornoqTrekking

NUUP KANGERLUA SERIES 1:40 000 Trekking Maps The Qoornoq map covers the heart of the Nuup Kangerlua fjord system and is the most diverse of the Series in terms of its scenery and opportunities for enjoying different activities. Included is the majority of the spectacularly mountainous, gold-prospective Big Island, Qeqertarsuaq (Støro), the north-east extent of ….  Read More